3G Makes 37 Million Connections

by Laura Staffa

3G Makes 37 Million Connections

We have reached a new milestone as our 3G Metric / Imperial compression fittings range has made in excess of 37 million connections over the last decade.

The fitting of choice for many plumbers, the Philmac 3G fitting has made more than 37 million connections in houses, farms and commercial buildings across the UK, since its launch in 2006.

Offering a true point of difference from alternative products, Philmac 3G is a universal fitting that can connect any standard of Polyethylene (PE) pipe including metric, imperial, heavy gauge,low nd high density class C or D. This flexibility is key to the product’s success; the only fitting that is needed, it offers installers the confidence that they can successfully connect any grade of PE pipe, regardless of age.

Customers return to our 3G fitting time and again due to its quick and simple installation, saving valuable time on site. Our unique Slide and Tighten™ technology does not require any pipe preparation or special tools and no force is needed to push the pipe past the seal; the pipe is simply inserted and the nut tightened, significantly reducing installation time compared with alterative fittings.

The compact design of the our 3G fitting makes it ideal for fitting in confined spaces, particularly when working between two fixed points. The fitting has also been specially designed to minimise pipe twist as the nut is tightened, which can be a common issue on larger coils of PE pipe. The maximum pipe twist that will occur with our 3G is approximately a quarter turn, compared with one and a half turns with alternative products.

Commenting on the milestone achievement, our brand director, Julian Bannerman, said: “It is incredible that the water supply for so many buildings across the country is connected by Philmac 3G. The product was an instant hit when it was launched over a decade ago and has continued to grow in popularity year on year as installers realise the time saving benefits it can offer. We’re looking forward to seeing where the next 37 million are installed.”

Fully WRAS approved, our versatile 3G compression fittings range comprises straight and reducing couplers, tees, elbows, male and female adapters and caps, with the ability to connect metric PE pipe from 20mm up to 63mm and imperial sizes from ½ ” up to 2”.