UTC Stands the Test of Time

by Laura Staffa

UTC Stands the Test of Time

We are celebrating our unrivalled Universal Transition Coupling (UTC), retaining its market-leading position for 20 years.

Since its launch in 1995, Philmac UTC has firmly established itself as the industry leader; with sales growing steadily year on year it now boasts a dominant market share. Suitable for a diverse range of applications, our UTC is the ‘go to’ fitting for plumbing companies, utilities, mechanical contractors and agricultural businesses as the flexible option for connecting pipes of differing, non-standard and obsolete materials.

The enduring feature of our UTC is its ability to connect virtually any combination of pipe material, including PE, PVC, copper, stainless steel, ABS, galvanised iron and lead. Alternative fittings are limited to just connecting MDPE to another pipe material, while our UTC can connect dissimilar pipe materials, offering complete flexibility to the installer.

No adapters or additional fittings are required to repair or extend an existing installation with the Philmac UTC, providing significant time and cost savings compared with traditional options. Typically, each UTC has an OD tolerance of between 4mm and 7mm, allowing for a range of different sized pipe diameters to be connected.

Commenting on the product’s longevity, Philmac’s brand director Julian Bannerman said: “The fact that the Philmac UTC has stood the test of time, and remains the number one choice for obsolete and non-standard pipe connections, demonstrates its quality and effectiveness. It is a compelling thought that there are pipes that have seen in excess of 60 years of service and can still be connected to and repaired by an off the shelf UTC, no pipe ever needs to be truly obsolete if you have a UTC.

“There is no other fitting range available that has the ability to connect to such a wide variety of different pipe materials. It is acknowledged that many plumbers and contractors often keep one of our UTC fittings in their vans so they can be confident they will always have something to hand that will work with virtually any repair on non-standard connection that they may encounter on site.”

Our UTC range comprises straight and reducing couplers, elbows and male adapters, all of which are available in both transition (PE to UTC) and double ended (UTC to UTC) options. Available in sizes from 15mm to 63mm, Philmac UTC products are pressure rated to 12.5 bar at 20°C and boast a 50 year design life to offer customers the reassurance they are installing a durable solution.