Universal Transition Couplings

The UTC is a unique range of mechanical compression fittings that provide the ultimate in pipe connection flexibility. With the ability to connect virtually any combination of pipe material, including PE, PVC, ABS, copper, stainless steel, galvanised iron and lead, our UTC is the only solution for connecting dissimilar pipe materials.


Repair work - UTC® is used extensively by water companies, plumbers and civil contractors for repair work. The UTC® x UTC® tting was originally developed as a copper to copper repair joint at the request of a global water company.

New installations - Connecting polyethylene pipe to water meter risers and polyethylene pipe to copper. UTC® ttings are used by water companies as a connection between polyethylene pipe and metal pipes.

Upgrades - UTC® is particularly useful in service line upgrades. A small number of PE x UTC® tting provide a complete solution and will connect to whatever pipe the installer nds at the property boundary.

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